Mermaid Jewelry Dish


This handmade porcelain clay jewelry dish is intended to mimic the ever-changing desert sunset. Each piece is dipped in pink, white, orange, and opal glazes to create one-of-a-kind finishes. After the glaze firing, a 22K gold luster is applied to the rim, taking the gorgeous vessel up a notch.


About the Maker

Karacotta Ceramics are foremost designed with functionality in mind; each piece is handmade, to achieve a simple, modern, organic aesthetic. This unique process, where each piece is individually worked with at least ten times, takes place over many days. It ensures no two pieces are created exactly the same, with slight variations in shape, size and glaze. We value craftsmanship over production quantity. We scratch-make our tools, clay-bodies, and glazes, or curate locally from the very best.